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Hasankeyf threatened again

Germany’s largest civil engineering company, Siemens, is buying a company called VA Tech, which has a contract with the Turkish government to build the Ilisu Dam on the River Tigris in the Kurdish area of Turkey. Siemens plans to go ahead with the dam, perhaps starting work as soon as this summer, in spite of broad local opposition. The mayors of Hasankeyf and nearby Batman have made strong appeals to recent visitors on fact finding missions for help to save Hasankeyf. The mayor of Hasankeyf has recently moved into a limestone cave at Hasankeyf as a protest.

History of the Ilisu Dam Campaign

The people of Hasankeyf and the surrounding area and their supporters in Europe won an important victory in 2002 when a big campaign forced British company Balfour Beatty and other European companies to withdraw from the project. The companies had applied for Export Credit Guarantees from their home governments to help them finance building the Ilisu Dam.

What are the supposed benefits of the dam?

What are the problems with building the dam?

Have the plans changed?

According to Turkish officials the same construction plans as before will be used, and the same area (over 300 km sq) will be flooded; however new resettlement plans are supposed to be being drawn up. There is supposedly a large fund available to “rescue” some parts of the town of Hasankeyf by moving them elsewhere.

What can you do to help the people of Hasankeyf to save their city?

Some other Siemens activities

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